A Funny Thing Happened During the Pandemic

It’s amazing what can happen when three classic film and comedy buffs have some extra time on their hands. Kids who grew up in Florida, Michigan and New York in the Seventies, all three spent many childhood afternoons watching The Three Stooges on television. And so, when they were looking to collaborate on something fun and funny during an extremely unfun and unfunny pandemic, they united around their mutual childhood love of The Three Stooges.

Signing on to the vision of the one we’ll call Moe, the three made a pact to develop an edutaining course about The Three Stooges. Moe set out to write content. The one we’ll call Larry began structuring a learning experience. And the one we’ll call Curly fiddled with technology.

Moe knew their friends at The Film Detective had a lot of great Stooges content, so asked them about sharing it in the course. Because they are awesome, The Film Detective team said yes.

A few months and a whole lot of laughs later the trio launched The Three Stooges: A Crash Course on Classic Couple Academy.

Yup, it’s here. Check it out on the Course List page.

We hope you enjoy our labor of love. And may we say from the bottom of our three hearts, “Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.”

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