About Us

Publisher and Film Journalist Kami Spangenberg

Publisher and Film Journalist Kami Spangenberg founded ClassicCouple.com and ClassicCoupleAcademy.com. Classic Couple Media outlets were created to share the love for the art and craft of filmmaking with interested audiences. The Classic Couple brand and all of its affiliated platforms and projects provide a place of discovery where film fans can learn about motion pictures and film history—from those studying the past and those making the films of today.

Our registered trademark Filmmaker 5® content series highlights the work of filmmakers through exclusive interviews about their projects. We probe all aspects of the filmmaking process from inspiration and collaboration to production, and promotion, giving filmmakers a platform to share their visions in their own words. Our Filmmaker 5® content series attracts film festival promoters and goers from around the world as we feature filmmakers and their films showcased at a variety of film festivals the Classic Couple and our team of film journalists attend and cover as credentialed film industry media.

For fun fact-sharing and edutainment, we offer free online courses and occasionally present guest lectures on film-related topics. And, we have a shop offering unique gifts for film fans at HollywoodWares.com.

Kami’s been a journalist for over 35 years, covering a range of industries. Her work in the film industry has been published in a variety of outlets.

Senior Film Researcher Sharon Walters

Senior Film Researcher Sharon Walters was born in Red Hook Brooklyn, NY into a family that loved music, movies, and theatre. The passion she learned at a young age has stayed with her for a lifetime. Her love of these things, along with a zest for research, has filled many joyous hours ever since.

Following a move to New Jersey, Sharon completed a lengthy career in Human Resources at a private school for Autistic Children and assisted in the development of group homes for students who were aging out of the school network. The hard work and long hours of this rewarding career ended in retirement in 2012.

Sharon moved to NC in 2012. She now fills her time following her passion for film and research. She leads the Triangle Classic Movie Club in Raleigh, NC and contributes her research and writing skills to Classic Couple media.

Senior Film Reporter Moges Gebremedhin

Senior Film Reporter Moges Gebremedhin views film through a global lens. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Moges taps into his degrees in international studies and communications to inform his perspective as a journalist. A music lover and dad to three young musicians, he brings vast encyclopedic knowledge of music and a deep appreciation of the arts to his work.