Spring Has Sprung At Classic Couple Academy

The unofficial mascot of Classic Couple Academy is a slinky dog. The reason is because our founder, Kami, has lots of aspirations. Every idea around here seems to beget another idea, and likely another one after that.

The slinky dog makes an appearance at every team meeting – because every team meeting inevitably leads to some forward-looking, big ideas for the future. Luckily, the team has embraced our mascot and rolls with all of the ideation happening at the Academy. Oh, and we laugh. At every meeting.

We’d like to thank all the super folks who have taken, are taking, or are planning to take our first public offering – The Three Stooges: A Crash Course. We truly hope you’re having fun, learning something, being edutained, and laughing a lot.

We’re working on a new course for you right now. More to come in the next month as we begin to see our launch date coming into focus. Until then, thanks for embracing our slinky dog ideas!

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