Thanks for an Amazing 2022!

I started our Filmmaker 5 series in 2021 as an approach for interviewing Bill Morrison about his experimental short “let me come in.” Quickly I used the format again and produced several Filmmaker 5 interviews that year. In 2022, I set an intention to interview a dozen filmmakers across the year. As I write, I am amazed that this year I engaged with over 40 filmmakers to produce Filmmaker 5 interviews, now a cornerstone of my film industry coverage. Additionally, I conducted a number of exclusive interviews with extraordinarily talented filmmakers and actors. As I reflect on who I have connected with in 2022, I am truly humbled.

Time is truly our most precious commodity. That these artists gave me their time to discuss their art, is an honor. That they trusted me to tell their stories is a gift. For that, they have my genuine thanks.

In 2023 I look forward to interviewing filmmakers, actors, writers, animators, craftspeople and more to share insights into an art form I have come to appreciate more than any other—film. I’m excited to connect with them and to connect others with their artistry.

No end-of-year reflection would not be complete without thanking the people who connect me with the films and the filmmakers I cover. To the publicists and promoters who sent me press kits, responded to requests, forwarded screeners, and coordinated interviews, I thank you deeply. None of what I do could be accomplished without your partnership and support.

As I looked over the year, I revisited a couple of interviews conducted on Zoom. As someone for whom it is a life imperative that I must laugh every day, the biggest thing I noticed was the laughter, the smiles, the joy and the passion reflected back in these conversations. Amazing artists all. And also truly nice people.

For me, that is everything. – Kami

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