Week Two: Women Make Film Episode 2

Tuesday, September 8
Night Two: Believability, Introducing Character, and the Meet Cute
Two Airings on TCM: 8:00 PM and 11:15 PM

Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema takes viewers through hundreds of examples in a montage of scenes from movies across the world and over many decades.

Women Make Film: Episode 2 offers viewers three chapters that complement one another. The first on believability posits that what makes a film world “real” to the viewer is showing broader social truths. Featured films illustrate having characters give direct statements, using piercing details and objects, not faking the setting or emotions it evokes, and employing edginess and complexity of action – all the way to chaos – to convey believability.

The second chapter illustrates myriad ways filmmakers introduce character in films – witnessing a scene such as their home first, overhearing conversation about them before seeing them, observing the character in action, and even a character directly introducing themselves to the viewer.

In the third chapter we encounter the classic Hollywood story construct of a “meet cute,” a first encounter that inevitably leads to a romantic entanglement between characters. But this exploration goes far beyond charming romantic connections resulting from first glances. It explores protagonists meeting when worlds collide, Gothic, supernatural experiences, and complex confrontations. The “meet cute” is far from cute in these character collisions.

Complementary Film Schedule
Airing on TCM, times given in Eastern Time

9:15 PM – El Camino (1963) directed by Ann Mariscal

12:30 AM – Lovely & Amazing (2001) directed by Jacqueline Audry

2:15 AM – Wanda (1970) directed by Barbara Loden

4:15 AM – The Watermelon Woman (1995) directed by Cheryl Dunye

6:00 AM – In the Empty City/Hollow City (2004) directed by Maria João Gonga

7:45 AM – The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926) directed by Lotte Reiniger

9:15 AM – Entre Nous (1983) directed by Diane Kurys

Academy Assignment

For individual pondering or sharing via the site comments. Watch one of this week’s films through the lens of believability, introducing a character and/or the “meet cute.” Questions to consider:

  • How did the filmmaker instill believability in the story?
  • What individual character introduction was most memorable?
  • What “meet cute” encounter between characters captured your attention and why?
  • Bonus: How did the Women Make Film believability, introducing character or meet cute chapter material influence how you watched this film?

Classic Couple perspectives will be shared before next week’s assignment so check back regularly.

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