Short on Shorts: Bertie the Brilliant

Bertie the Brilliant from filmmaker Gabriela Garcia Medina is a fun and fanciful film about childhood dreams. Young Bertie is obsessed with magic and his favorite performer, gender-fluid Drag King Magician, Maya the Magnificent. When he learns Maya the Magnificent will be performing in his town, Bertie becomes determined to earn money for a ticket.

With his hard-working grandmother/abuela as his example, enterprising Bertie earns enough money for a ticket to the performance. However, when his grandmother faces financial struggles, Bertie makes a difficult decision with his hard-earned savings. In the end through the efforts of friends and community, Bertie learns that nothing is impossible if you believe.

Writer and director Gabriela Garcia Medina aims to normalise children’s appreciation for the drag community in this family-centered story about balancing the reality of adult life and a child’s belief in magic. A heartwarming story from Latino Public Broadcasting, Bertie the Brilliant is a must-see during during the 19th Annual Oscar-Qualifying HollyShorts Film Festival. Screening on Thursday, August 17, 2023.

Watch the Bertie the Brilliant trailer.

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