Short on Shorts: MR. CROCKET and BAD RABBIT

The Bite Size Halloween series of spooky short films is back for its third season. The 2022 offering includes 21 stand-alone shorts blending horror, comedy, sci-fi, thriller and drama, showcasing BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and women filmmakers, stories, and actors. Part of 20th Digital Studio’s mission to work with emerging filmmakers from underrepresented groups, Bite Size Halloween tackles issues including racism, gender, parenthood, sexuality, and identity. Shot in seven different countries, watch them all for Huluween.

Bite Size Halloween short films MR. CROCKET and BAD RABBIT explore how family push one another’s buttons in variations on a theme. Our Classic Couple Academy Short on Shorts take follows.


Filmmaker Brian Espy

Filmmaker and Performers: Black filmmaker Brandon Espy led this all Black/Latin cast and predominantly Latin crew.

Length: 06:01

Synopsis: A hyper young boy pushes his mom over the edge by continuously playing an old VHS tape of children’s television host Mr. Crocket.

Short on Shorts Commentary: A mother struggles to raise her rambunctious son by herself, each day forced to listen to singalong time with his favorite television host Mr. Crocket. Pushed to the brink, she lashes out at her son, immediately regretting her hurtful words. Soon she realizes the bond of friendship between her son and Mr. Crocket has dangerous consequences. How do you keep outside influences from ruining your family life?


Filmmakers Kate Nash and Rebekka Johnson

Writers/Directors: Kate Nash and Rebekka Johnson worked with an all-women cast, characters and crew.

Length: 07:34

Synopsis: A timid woman finally stands up to her cruel elderly mother with encouragement from a deranged new friend, Bad Rabbit.

Short on Shorts Commentary: A good caretaker daughter seeks solace from her infirmed mother’s constant verbal abuse by taking care of a beloved pet rabbit. After a tragic turn of events, she soon finds herself taking counsel from a new friend bent on revenge. How can family trauma drive someone to extremes?

Film photo credits: 20th Digital

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