Short on Shorts: REMOTE and ANGELS

The Bite Size Halloween series of spooky short films is back for its third season. The 2022 offering includes 21 stand-alone shorts blending horror, comedy, sci-fi, thriller and drama, showcasing BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and women filmmakers, stories, and actors. Part of 20th Digital Studio’s mission to work with emerging filmmakers from underrepresented groups, Bite Size Halloween tackles issues including racism, gender, parenthood, sexuality, and identity. Shot in seven different countries, watch them all for Huluween.

Bite Size Halloween short films REMOTE and ANGELS explore extraterrestrials in the role of saviors in variations on a theme. Our Classic Couple Academy Short on Shorts take follows.


Filmmaker Eric Jungmann
Image Made By Kyle Jackson

Filmmaker and Performers: Filmmaker Eric Jungman works with Black actors Eris Baker and Jadan Rogers playing brother and sister and Trinidadian American actor Rawle D. Lewis in the role of their father.

Length: 10:34

Synopsis: Two young siblings make an extraterrestrial new friend, just as their family-owned pawn shop is attacked by criminals.

Short on Shorts Commentary: Minding the family pawn shop while their father is out, a brother and sister encounter danger in the form of two armed robbers and encounter extraterrestrial life in the form of a robot. Criminals and alien clash as the siblings defend themselves from threat. Are extraterrestrials meant to save mankind?


Filmmaker Samantha Aldana

Filmmaker: Belizean American filmmaker Samantha Aldana is bisexual and a proud member of NALIP and Free The Work.

Length: 07:18

Synopsis: Afro-Latina actor Betsy Borrego stars as a farmer caring for her dying mother, Black actor Troi Bechet. A mysterious force answers her prayers, portrayed by Pacific Islander/Filipino/Thai/Middle Eastern actor Jupiter Stone.

Short on Shorts Commentary: Something falls from the sky, landing on the farm of a young woman and her critically-ill mother. The daughter discovers an extraterrestrial and an extraordinary power it possesses. She sets out to save the alien being, but with an ulterior motive. What is the price of being a savior?

Film photo credits: 20th Digital

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