Nov 10

Filmmaker 5 with James Carson: Cabin Music

James Carson was a child prodigy born with perfect pitch and a gift for the piano. At age 16 he was labeled by the Edmonton Journal as “one of the most gifted rising stars” in music, going on to attend the New England Conservatory. And then, he walked away from it all. And went walkabout, […]

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Oct 20

Filmmaker 5 with Jason Phillips: Voodoo Macbeth

Before Hollywood director Orson Welles ascended to fame as producer, director and star of Citizen Kane (1941), he struggled as an actor and writer for radio. In 1936 at the age of 20, untested and battling addiction, Welles was enlisted by John Houseman, director of the Negro Theatre Unit in New York, to direct the first all-Black […]

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Oct 10

Filmmaker 5 with David Roberts and Billy Shebar: High Noon on the Waterfront

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) airs the TCM Original Documentary High Noon on the Waterfront (2022) in October 2022. Showing as part of a curated night of classic films about the 75th anniversary of the Hollywood Blacklist, the film inventively illuminates the impact of the Hollywood Blacklist on two American classic films, High Noon (1952) and […]

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Sep 20

Filmmaker 5 with Valerie Buhagiar: Carmen

In accordance with Maltese tradition, when a young man became a priest, his eldest sister followed him to the rectory and became his maid. She received no education or salary and had no family of her own—spending her life in servitude and spinsterhood. Inspired by true events, Carmen follows the story of one such woman […]

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Sep 13

Filmmaker 5 with Daniel Zarvos: Miúcha, The Voice of Bossa Nova (Miúcha, a Voz da Bossa Nova)

The documentary film Miúcha, The Voice of Bossa Nova provides an intimate look into the life and singing career of Heloísa Maria Buarque de Hollanda, known as Miúcha. Miúcha recorded songs with the greatest bossa nova performers of the late 1950s and early 1960s— her voice giving life to the Brazilian music genre combining jazz and […]

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Sep 12

Filmmaker 5 with PH Dallaire & Ben Therriault: Canary

Canary is Rodeo FX’s first feature-quality animated short film. Set in a Canadian coal mine at the turn of the 20th century, it’s a universal story about freedom, childhood, hope and grief that can be appreciated by global audiences from all walks of life.  Canary has its North American premiere at Toronto International Film Festival, […]

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Sep 11

Filmmaker 5 with Carolina Markowicz: Charcoal (CARVÃO)

In a remote area in São Paulo’s countryside, a rural family struggling to make it accepts a proposal to host a mysterious stranger. Soon, the family home, situated beside a charcoal factory, becomes a hideout for highly-wanted drug lord. Mother, husband and son clash as they try to keep up appearances with the neighbors, maintain […]

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Sep 10

Exclusive TIFF Interview: Cast and Director of The Umbrella Men

When musician Jerome Adams flies into Cape Town for his father’s funeral, he finds his dad has bequeathed him the Bo-Kaap community’s beloved Goema Club. Along with the Club comes the care of The Umbrella Men, the legendary minstrel troupe led by his father. Soon Jerome discovers the Club comes with a huge bank overdraft, […]

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Sep 09

Filmmaker 5 with Chandler Levack: I Like Movies

In I Like Movies socially inept 17-year-old cinephile, Lawrence Kweller is self-absorbed and movie-obsessed. Driven by his desire to attend film school at NYU, he gets a part-time job at Sequels video store, fully convinced he can earn $90,000 to meet his tuition needs. There Lawrence forms a friendship with the older store manager, Alana. […]

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Sep 09

Filmmaker 5 with Mark Fletcher: Patrick and the Whale

Award-winning cameraman Patrick Dykstra spends his life to traveling the globe, following and diving with whales. On one dive in Dominica, his close encounter with a female sperm whale changed his life. He named her Dolores and the two engaged in mutual study—her studying him as he studied her. Patrick and the Whale follows Patrick’s […]

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