Sep 09

Exclusive Interview: Cast and Director of Death of a Whistleblower

When Luyanda’s no bullshit reporting style lands her in trouble at work, an independent journalist, Stanley, tries to recruit her for research on a top-secret exposé related to the 1996 Truth and Reconciliation Commission and its aftermath. Soon Luyanda finds herself left in possession of Stanley’s laptop. Driven to carry on Stanleys’ work, she enlists […]

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Sep 08

Filmmaker 5 with Eva Thomas: Redlights

Short film Redlights – written, produced and directed by Eva Thomas – sees best-friends Tina (Kaniehtiio Horn) and Amber (Ellyn Jade) wrapping up their night at a local bar and heading to Tina’s car, when Amber realizes she has forgotten her purse. Tina volunteers to go get it while Amber waits in the car. When […]

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Aug 19

Filmmaker 5 with Rita Basulto: HUMO

HUMO (Smoke), screened as part of this year’s  19th Annual Oscar-Qualifying HollyShorts Film Festival as part of the Adult Animation block. Directed by Academy Member and stop motion animator Rita Basulto, short film HUMO follows the story of Daniel, a young boy who travels by train towards a dark destination known as the smokehouse. Set in […]

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Aug 15

Filmmaker 5 with Matthew Modine: I AM WHAT YOU IMAGINE

Matthew Modine’s short film I AM WHAT YOU IMAGINE is not affected by the SAG-AFTRA strike as the content adheres to strict independent and unaffiliated Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) works. Renowned actor and distinguished director Matthew Modine’s new short film, I AM WHAT YOU IMAGINE, explores the unexplainable. Featuring the voice […]

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Aug 13

Filmmaker 5 with William Hellmuth: Dixieland

In Dixieland, Tony Todd (Candyman, Night of the Living Dead, etc.) plays a Black Union physician. After his regiment is destroyed, he flees into the Virginian woods, stumbling on a Confederate soldier hiding in a cave. They share a fire, and try to find a moment of understanding before the sun comes up. Dixieland screens […]

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Aug 12

Filmmaker 5 with Brian Lonano and Blake Myers: CONTENT: The Lo-Fi Man

CONTENT: The Lo-Fi Man starts as a documentary about a beloved cult film, then turns into a YouTube video until it escapes into a dystopian sci-fi adventure, upon which it transforms into a body horror film resulting in a kaiju battle finale. Part sci-fi, horror, comedy, satire, midnight, cult, fantasy, it’s a genre-bending short from filmmakers Brian Lonano […]

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Aug 12

Filmmaker 5 with Jessica Hinkson: Sara

C’mon Mort Productions and Hello, Darling Pictures present in association with 88th StreetProductions made with support from Stowe Story Labs a film by Jessica Hinkson, Sara premieres at the the 19th Annual Oscar-Qualifying HollyShorts Film Festival in Los Angeles on August 12, 2023. Sara is a dramatic short film about a woman who finds the strength […]

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Aug 11

Filmmaker 5 with Omri Laron: More Than Friends

The LGBTQ+ community is represented at the 19th Annual Oscar-Qualifying HollyShorts Film Festival with an exciting line-up of short films. From Omri Laron short film More Than Friends takes an unexpected turn when a quirky lesbian mom discovers a love letter written by her 11-year-old son to another boy. She decides to take matters into […]

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Aug 10

Filmmaker 5 with Emily Ruhl: In the Garden of Tulips

In the Garden of Tulips follows Caroline as she takes a fateful car ride with her father through the Iranian countryside. The short film screens during the 19th Annual Oscar-Qualifying HollyShorts Film Festival. Our Classic Couple exclusive interview with Emily Ruhl executive producer of In the Garden of Tulips follows. Filmmaker 5.1:  Short film, with In […]

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Jul 30

Summer Time Shenanigans

We’re back from a Classic Couple Academy summer sabbatical. Shenanigans ensued. While much has happened in Hollywood, we’re looking forward to our upcoming August coverage. Tune in soon for missives from the 19th Annual Oscar-Qualifying HollyShorts Film Festival. Meanwhile, enjoy this piece RUTH E. CARTER: AFROFUTURISM IN COSTUME DESIGN about our summer field trip to […]

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