Jun 12

Filmmaker 5 with Sarah Carter: In Her Name

After decades apart, family bankruptcy reunites estranged and vastly different sisters facing their egomaniacal artist father’s terminal prognosis. Fiona lives the life of a conservative midwestern housewife as the direct product of her upbringing with their born-again Christian mother who reinvented herself after leaving her philandering artist husband. Freya, a talented artist in her own […]

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Jun 12

Filmmaker 5 with Becky Hutner: Fashion Reimagined

American fashion designer Anne Klein famously said, “Clothes won’t change the world, the women who wear them will.” Flash forward almost 50 years, and fashion designer Amy Powney of cult label Mother of Pearl is doing just that. Raised off-the-grid in rural England by environmentalist parents, Amy always felt conflicted about the environmental impact of […]

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Jun 08

Filmmaker 5 with Nausheen Dadabhoy: An Act of Worship

An Act of Worship from filmmaker Nausheen Dadabhoy has been described as a polyphonic portrait of the last 30 years of Muslim life in America. Through the lens of pivotal moments in U.S. history intersecting with anti-Muslim rhetoric and policy, the film tells the story of three young Muslim women who came of age after […]

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Apr 28

Filmmaker 5 with Nils Gaup

In the art world there are barn stories. A collection of artwork is found in a barn and the pursuit of identification of the artist and authentication of the works commences. Images of a Nordic Drama is one such barn story, but one that exposes the dark underbelly of the art world in Norway. In […]

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Mar 21

Filmmaker 5 with Jonas Bak

Inspired by his own experience of living far from all that was familiar, German director Jonas Bak brings his close relationship with his mother to film in Wood and Water. A story of navigating ageing and being at peace with the past while living in the present, Bak’s filmmaking moves from the tall spires of […]

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Feb 06

Filmmaker 5 with Mitchell Stuart

In 1983, Z100 radio station began broadcasting from Secaucus, New Jersey to reach the New York City market dominated by media giants. Fast-talking and fast-thinking deejay from Tampa, Florida Scott Shannon moved north and vowed to take the station from Worst to First, brashly challenging the competition and enlisting New Yorkers to his cause. Shannon […]

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Nov 01

Academy Lecture: The Uncensored Betty Boop

We’re thrilled to offer an online guest lecture titled The Uncensored Betty Boop on Monday, November 8 at 10 am, hosted by our friends at Sal St. George Living History Productions. Interested attendees can register for the event here. We’ll be showcasing Betty Boop, the Queen of the Animated Screen, as a major Paramount Pictures […]

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Jun 26

Must-Listen Podcast from TCM – The Plot Thickens, Season 2: The Devil’s Candy

At Classic Couple Academy we’re all about learning about classic film. The release of the second installment of TCM’s award-winning podcast, The Plot Thickens, Season 2: The Devil’s Candy, offers unprecedented behind the scenes access into the making of The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990). This is must-listen podcasting for film lovers! The making of […]

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Jun 19

Course Development Behind-the-Scenes

Here at Classic Couple Academy, we’re smack dab in the middle of production of our next Classic Couple Academy course offering. Creating a course is quite the journey. And while no one needs to see how the course “sausage gets made,” we can say our process requires a lot of creativity, laughter and hard work. […]

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Apr 11

Spring Has Sprung At Classic Couple Academy

The unofficial mascot of Classic Couple Academy is a slinky dog. The reason is because our founder, Kami, has lots of aspirations. Every idea around here seems to beget another idea, and likely another one after that. The slinky dog makes an appearance at every team meeting – because every team meeting inevitably leads to […]

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