Dec 31

Thanks for an Amazing 2022!

I started our Filmmaker 5 series in 2021 as an approach for interviewing Bill Morrison about his experimental short “let me come in.” Quickly I used the format again and produced several Filmmaker 5 interviews that year. In 2022, I set an intention to interview a dozen filmmakers across the year. As I write, I […]

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Dec 27

Filmmaker 5 with Mat Sheldon: The Electricity in Me

In his first-person confessional short film The Electricity in Me, filmmaker Mat Sheldon shares the story of his birth mother Joan. Pregnant by her 50-year-old university professor, Joan gave her son Mat up for adoption, afterwards moving to England to forge a new life as a secretary for the University of London. Returning to visit […]

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Dec 17

Filmmaker 5 with Marshall Tyler: SLOW PULSE

Short film SLOW PULSE follows lead character Bernard Brash as he learns to dance in his Los Angeles community. His resolve to learn and his determination to perform serve to inspire, all before the audience discovers the reason behind his seemingly futile pursuit. The result is a moving story of a father’s devotion and the […]

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Dec 14

Filmmaker 5 with Jason Berry: City of A Million Dreams

Celebrating the music, pageantry, and historical legacy of New Orleans through the observance of honoring the dead, City Of A Million Dreams the documentary film is making its way to film festivals and public screenings around the globe. Based on the 2018 book of the same name, City Of A Million Dreams traces the evolution […]

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Dec 11

Filmmaker 5 with Samantha Wishman and Christina Thomas: Free Puppies!

Pandemic puppies. With the U.S. on lockdown during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people looking for companionship brought home a new dog. These happy stories of pet adoption made headlines nationwide. The connection not making the news was to another national disaster 15 years prior, the devastation left behind by Hurricane Katrina in […]

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Nov 29

Filmmaker 5 with Andreas Kessler: NAKAM

During WWII the Nazis invaded Belarus, rounding up Jews for deportation to concentration camps. Twelve-year-old violin prodigy Modechai “Motele” Schlein managed to hide as his father, mother, and sister were arrested and sent to Auschwitz. On his own, Motele encountered a partisan group actively working to attack Nazi units in occupied-Belarus and Ukraine with the […]

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Nov 10

Filmmaker 5 with James Carson: Cabin Music

James Carson was a child prodigy born with perfect pitch and a gift for the piano. At age 16 he was labeled by the Edmonton Journal as “one of the most gifted rising stars” in music, going on to attend the New England Conservatory. And then, he walked away from it all. And went walkabout, […]

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Oct 24

Exclusive Interview: Bolu Essien on Becoming Abi

Classic Couple Academy sat down with Bolu Essein for an exclusive interview on creating, writing, producing, co-directing and starring in her first TV series titled: Becoming Abi, airing on Netflix globally from October 28, 2022. Our chat about the workplace dramedy follows. Given your background in global marketing, viewers will likely view Becoming Abi as […]

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Oct 20

Filmmaker 5 with Jason Phillips: Voodoo Macbeth

Before Hollywood director Orson Welles ascended to fame as producer, director and star of Citizen Kane (1941), he struggled as an actor and writer for radio. In 1936 at the age of 20, untested and battling addiction which was difficult in that time since now is easier as you can get help with drug abuse, […]

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Oct 10

Filmmaker 5 with David Roberts and Billy Shebar: High Noon on the Waterfront

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) airs the TCM Original Documentary High Noon on the Waterfront (2022) in October 2022. Showing as part of a curated night of classic films about the 75th anniversary of the Hollywood Blacklist, the film inventively illuminates the impact of the Hollywood Blacklist on two American classic films, High Noon (1952) and […]

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