Sep 12

Filmmaker 5 with PH Dallaire & Ben Therriault: Canary

Canary is Rodeo FX’s first feature-quality animated short film. Set in a Canadian coal mine at the turn of the 20th century, it’s a universal story about freedom, childhood, hope and grief that can be appreciated by global audiences from all walks of life.  Canary has its North American premiere at Toronto International Film Festival, […]

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Aug 15

Short on Shorts: Identity as Teacher

Two short films, official selections programmed for screenings at the 2022 HollyShorts Film Festival August 11-20, 2022, highlight the work of authors who embrace their identities to teach others about what it’s like to be viewed as different in society. Each shares in their own words the importance of being true to one’s self and […]

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Aug 14

Filmmaker 5 with Cameron S. Mitchell and Julia Muniz: ELSA

Elsa Sjunneson is many things: professor and media critic, skilled fencer and hiker, published author and writer for Marvel Comics’ first Women of Marvel, Assassin’s Creed, and the Magic the Gathering universe. She’s also the first Deafblind winner of the Hugo Award and the Aurora Award. Through her disability and queer rights activist work, Elsa […]

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Aug 14

Short on Shorts: Losing Control

Two short films, official selections programmed for screenings at the 2022 HollyShorts Film Festival August 11-20, 2022, center on scenarios of control, and what happens when control is lost. Vastly different stories, Celebritas Ex Machina and The Censor of Dreams are comedic fantasies demonstrating the futility of trying to exert control over our lives. Celebritas […]

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Aug 13

Filmmaker 5 with Tory Devon Smith: The Baldwin Archives

The Baldwin Archives short film potently reenacts segments of a 1963 BBC interview between famed author James Baldwin and BBC journalist Peter Duval Smith. Running 8:37minutes, The Baldwin Archives historical drama centers on a critical conversation about racism between Duval Smith as journalist provoking Baldwin as interviewee. Throughout, Baldwin commands his responses and elevates the […]

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Aug 12

Filmmaker 5 with Sean Lionadh: Too Rough

Twenty-four-year-old Glaswegian Sean Lionadh has established himself as powerful storyteller as poet, writer, musician and filmmaker. A trailblazer, Sean uses the alchemy of film and poetry to share intimate work, making notable social impact. His short film Time for Love, made for BBC, catapulted him onto the global stage as an artist exploring themes of […]

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Aug 11

Short on Shorts: Family Ties That Bind

Two short films, official selections programmed for screenings at the 2022 HollyShorts Film Festival August 11-20, 2022, highlight the impact of family ties on children moving into adulthood. Both demonstrate the pull of family obligations and the emotional dilemma of choosing to break free and define oneself as an individual. Vastly different, Only the Moon […]

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Jul 24

Filmmaker 5 with Jo Chim: One Small Visit

One Small Visit tells the incredible true story of immigrant Indian family the Abrahams, who unexpectedly pass through the Midwest hometown of Neil Armstrong in the wake of the ’69 moon landing. Set against the backdrop of the civil rights movement, the Abrahams experience unease from being racially different as they navigate small town America. […]

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Jun 12

Filmmaker 5 with Kasey Elise Walker: Hoop Dreams

Fifth-grader Savannah fears speaking in front of the class at school. Witnessing her mother’s strength, she steals her mother’s gold hoop earrings to wear on the day of her speech, believing in the magic of the hoops. Donning the hoops, Savannah transforms into a world of imagination, only to be brought back down to earth […]

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Jun 11

Filmmaker 5 with Michael Shevloff — Nicholas Brothers: Stormy Weather

In the1943 film Stormy Weather, brothers Fayard and Harold Nicholas performed a dance routine—shot in one take with no rehearsal—regarded as the greatest dance routine ever put to film. Almost 80 years onward, that performance continues to amaze and inspire not just dancers, but dance as an art form. The short film Nicholas Brothers: Stormy […]

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