Oct 10

Filmmaker 5 with David Roberts and Billy Shebar: High Noon on the Waterfront

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) airs the TCM Original Documentary High Noon on the Waterfront (2022) in October 2022. Showing as part of a curated night of classic films about the 75th anniversary of the Hollywood Blacklist, the film inventively illuminates the impact of the Hollywood Blacklist on two American classic films, High Noon (1952) and […]

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Sep 14

TIFF 2022 Picks: Canary / Miúcha, The Voice of Bossa Nova / Plan 75

Classic Couple Academy Recommends CanaryShort Cuts Programme 05Director: PH Dallaire & Ben Therriault A touching animated short about a boy and a canary who forge a friendship while working in a Canadian turn-of-the-century coal mine. Contrasting childhood and adulthood, play with toil, and joy with sadness, Canary touches on universal themes in a story relatable […]

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Sep 13

Filmmaker 5 with Daniel Zarvos: Miúcha, The Voice of Bossa Nova (Miúcha, a Voz da Bossa Nova)

The documentary film Miúcha, The Voice of Bossa Nova provides an intimate look into the life and singing career of Heloísa Maria Buarque de Hollanda, known as Miúcha. Miúcha recorded songs with the greatest bossa nova performers of the late 1950s and early 1960s— her voice giving life to the Brazilian music genre combining jazz and […]

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Sep 13

TIFF 2022 Picks: The Good Nurse / Self-Portrait as a Coffee Pot / Viking / Bruiser

Classic Couple Academy Recommends The Good NurseSpecial PresentationDirector: Tobias Lindholm Single mother Amy (Jessica Chastain) is an ICU nurse struggling to keep her life on track while dealing with her own health issues. A new nurse arrives on her shift Charles Cullen (Eddie Redmayne) and the two begin a strong friendship as Amy trusts him […]

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Sep 12

TIFF 2022 Picks: Sidney / Charcoal / Chevalier / Free Money

Classic Couple Academy Recommends SidneyGala PresentationDirector: Reginald Hudlin Sidney Poitier was one of the most gifted and talented actors in the history of cinema. He set a new standard for Black actors in Hollywood as a leading man, becoming the first Black man to win the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in […]

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Sep 11

TIFF 2022 Picks: The Umbrella Men / Louis Armstrong’s Black & Blues / The Woman King

Classic Couple Academy Recommends The Umbrella MenContemporary World CinemaDirector: John Barker Musician Jerome Adams returns home to Cape Town for his father’s funeral. There he learns his dad left him the Bo-Kaap community’s beloved Goema Club, as well as leadership of The Umbrella Men minstrel troupe. His father also left a substantial debt with a bank […]

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Sep 10

TIFF 2022 Picks: Patrick and the Whale / I Like Movies / My Sailor, My Love

Classic Couple Academy Recommends Patrick and The WhaleTIFF DocsDirector: Mark Fletcher Patrick Dykstra spends his life to traveling the globe, following and diving with whales as an award-winning cameraman. During a dive in Dominica, he forged a bond with a female sperm whale that changed his life. The whale he named Dolores engaged with him […]

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Sep 02

Filmmaker 5 with Hallee Adelman and Sean King O’Grady: Our American Family

Addiction is an all-encompassing force impacting the lives of the afflicted and everyone around them. Documentary film Our American Family provides an honest, unfiltered look at a close-knit Philadelphia family impacted by generational substance abuse. Captured at a pivotal “nothing to lose/everything at stake” year-long period, five family members tired of life with addiction on […]

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Aug 07

Filmmaker 5 with Stephen Edwards: Syndrome K

Syndrome K recounts the incredible story of three courageous doctors working in a hospital in Rome during World War II. Fatebenefratelli Hospital, directly across the the Tiber River from Rome’s Jewish ghetto became a refuge for Jews. The hospital’s doctors invented a highly contagious and deadly disease they called Syndrome K. Isolated entire Jewish families […]

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Aug 05

Filmmaker 5 with Dan Crane: Let Me Be Me

Let Me Be Me traces one family’s journey raising a child with autism in the mid-1990s, amid the backdrop of a medical community struggling to find ways beyond behavior modification and even institutionalization to help. Jenifer and Jeff Westphal’s middle child, Kyle, exhibited symptoms of autism at age three. His constant spinning and inability to […]

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